2019-2020 Meeting Minutes

Mighty Chickasaw Council Agenda
Wednesday September 4, 2019 – 7:30pm
Useful Links
● Mighty Chickasaw Red Bead Events – Google Form
● Mighty Chickasaw Red Bead Events – Results to share with your tribe
● Fall 2019 Campout Council Fire: HLK, 8-Feather, New Inductees
Opening Prayer – Medicine Man – Ernie Costello (Papa Bear)
Review & Approve Minutes –- Tally Keeper – Brad Keller (Running Elk)
Financial Report (review and approve) – Wampum Bearer – John Hoffman (Striking Badger)
Enrollment Update – Meshenewa – Randy Brace (Running Bear)
New Business
Nation Chief – Dan Velasco (Running Goat)
● Organization:
o January meeting will be January 15.
o Website concerns? Forward any issues to me.
o Need data about your tribe? Email me.
● Fall Campout (Wild Winged Warbler) at Camp MacLean . September 20-22
o Registered as of September 3: 141
o Chief’s walk starts at Red Fox fire on Friday night at 8:30.
o Get your list of Eight Feather, Hay-Lush-Ka, New Inductees. Enter them on the Fall19:
Hay-Lush-Ka, 8 Feather, New Inductees spreadsheet .
o Award assignments:
▪ Apache – Spirited, Noisiest
▪ Cherokee – Togetherness, Messiest
● Keep Togetherness, drop messiest and another silly one?
▪ Fox – Friendliest, Pack Rat
▪ Hiawatha – Adventurous, Night Owl
▪ Red Fox – Bravest, Early Bird
o Patch Draw – Fox
o Muck a Luck – was Cherokee, Med Man decide who starts with her.
o Rat Sack – Fox
▪ Stick with tradition or revisit?:
● dinner, breakfast for fall and winter
● flag raising, flag lowering for spring
o Treasure Hunt – Red Fox
o Movie – Hiawatha (Bring DVD and BluRay)
o Chiefs Hunt – Red Fox
o Worship Service – Hiawatha
o Winter Campout Name: Speckled Snowbird Moon
● New family discount: If you have any new dads who (1) just signed up with the Longhouse, and
(2) registered for the fall campout, send a list to Dan ( chickasaw@algonquinlonghouse.org ) and
John Hoffman ( jp_hoffman@hotmail.com ) for the $60 reimbursement.
Changes/Updates for This Hunting Season’s Events:
● September 20-22: Fall Campout at Camp MacLean .
● October 25-27 (exact date TBA): Acts of Kindness? Corn Maze? MEDICINE MAN
● November 8-10 (exact dates TBA): Wisconsin Maritime Museum . HIAWATHA
● December 6-8 (exact dates TBA) : Swim Out. RED FOX
● January 31-February 2 (exact dates TBA): Winter Event (tubing?) FOX
● February 21-23: Winter Freeze Out at Camp Minikani .
● March 13-15 (exact dates TBA): Daddy Daughter Dance. HIAWATHA
● May 1-2: Discovery Center Museum sleepover. APACHE (changed from April 3-4)
● May 15-17(exact dates TBA): Earth Day Event. CHEROKEE (4/3-5 available)
● June 12-14: Spring Tent Out
● July/August: Canoe Overnighter (Pick a date in the near future so that families can plan
vacations/summer camps accordingly?)
Nation Officer Reports
Fed Update – Dan Velasco (Running Goat)
Trailmates Liaison – Dan Velasco (Running Goat)
Sachem – Eric Weber (Howling Wolf)
Medicine Man – Ernie Costello (Papa Bear)
Hay-Lush-Ka Chief – Wayne Chapin (Sitting Hawk)
Tom Tom Beater – John Lazzari (Fishing Lizard)
Tally Keeper – Brad Keller (Running Elk)
Dream Catcher – (Open)
Bead Bearer – Tony Chidichimo (Green Hawk)
Fire Starter -Bill Schaaf/Rick Zanini (Slow Turtle/Raging Bull)
Storyteller – Damon Hill (Chicken Hawk)
Webmaster – Raj Vullakula (Touch the Clouds)
Tribal Chief Reports
Fill out the Red Bead Event Form before we start!
Apache – Bobby Stenstrom (Scared Turtle)
Cherokee – Ryan Zicco (Running Wolf)
Fox – Jeff Ledgerwood (Strong Tree)
Hiawatha – Chris Gonwa (Bear Cub)
Red Fox – Bob Walscheid (Eagle Wing)
Closing Prayer – Medicine Man – Ernie Costello (Papa Bear)
Next Nation Council Meeting – Wednesday, October 3, 2019